Staffie-type dog savages pet pug as bystanders hit crazed mutt with umbrella

A crazed Staffie-type dog mauled a pet pug in a busy city centre as horrified witnesses battered the larger animal in an attempt to get it to loosen its grip.

Distressing footage shows the larger dog with its jaws clamped around the throat of the pug, called Gucci, while “tossing it around like a rag doll” on a street in Wolverhampton, West Mids.

Brave shoppers desperately tried to save the pug by hitting the Staffie-type dog with an umbrella and a wheel board but it refuses to release its grip.

Perita Roumeliotis-Innis, the pug’s owner, said her pet miraculously survived the 20-minute attack despite onlookers believing Gucci was dead.

The dog that attacked Gucci had been with its new owner for only two days, and was “humanely destroyed”, said police.

In the video, people frantically shout “move” and “get off” while Perita tries in vain to pull the smaller dog free.

But the out-of-control dog refuses to release the defenceless pug as it is savaged and bystanders are unable to stop the attack.

A woman can be heard wailing in distress before the pooch eventually goes limp on the pavement.

The Staffie-type dog continues the one-minute long attack and tosses the pug from side to side even as a man can be heard saying: “It’s dead.”

Perita, 47, was walking two-year-old Gucci when he was mauled by what she thought was a pitbull/Staffordshire bull terrier cross at 11.30am on April 9.

Gucci suffered horrific injuries to his neck, leg, eye, ears and body and a vet said he is “lucky to be alive”.

Perita, who owns a vaping shop in Wolverhampton and lives in the city centre, said: “I was just walking towards my shop when I heard a scratching noise on the floor.

“I turned around and saw a dog bounding towards us off the lead with its tail up and I thought ‘this isn’t good’.

“I saw a girl standing there talking on her mobile phone but I did not know the dog was hers. She didn’t seemed too fussed at the time about what was going on.

“Loads of people rushed to help, including several bus drivers who have said they couldn’t finish their shift afterwards – everyone thought Gucci was dead.

“I was terrified. I pulled Gucci’s harness but I could not lift him. The dog grabbed Gucci by his leg and out of my hands – it kept ragging him from side-to-side.

“I was hysterical – the dog would not let go and I’ve been so traumatised I’m now seeking help. I see it every time I close my eyes.”

She added: “Eventually the dog was pulled free and I rushed him to the vets, I didn’t know if he would survive or not.

“I’ve had him since he was eight-weeks-old and everybody loves Gucci. I was so worried. It was an absolute bloodbath.”

Gucci’s injuries were stapled at St George’s Vets and he is now on a course of antibiotics and eye drops.

Perita said: “He is very poorly – he has injuries all over his body. I can’t even pick him up as I am worried about hurting him.

“He keeps flinching now and looks very depressed. I love him, I live alone and he is my companion.

“I can’t believe this happened and I don’t want this to happen again. No dogs should be in a city centre without a lead.

“Everyone who has seen the video has been left deeply disturbed and nobody can believe he survived such a vicious attack.”

She added: “I had my 10-week-old grandchild with me the day before and it could have just as easily have been him being mauled.

“I have to thank the bus drivers who came to help. One woman managed to free Gucci and she could have just as easily been badly attacked. She was very brave.

“I haven’t heard from the police yet, I need to chase them up as something needs to be done to stop it happening again. This dog is clearly dangerous.”

The shocking video, filmed by an onlooker, was posted online by the social media user Birmz Is Grime.

The clip was no longer on Twitter on Thursday. It was replaced with a message stating: “This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules.”

One web user wrote: “This is heartbreaking.

“The way it just tosses it around like a rag doll.

“People need to be able to control their dogs.”

Another added: “Poor little thing, I hope the owner is arrested and the dog destroyed.

“Devil dogs!”

A third put: “You have to blame the owner not the dog, there’s a reason it was given a taste for blood.”

Another commented: “This is so hard to watch.

“Why are so many people standing around doing nothing?”

A West Midlands Police spokesperson said: “We were called after a dog attacked another dog in Victoria Square, Wolverhampton, just before midday on 9 April.

“The aggressor was seized and ownership was voluntarily transferred to police.

“Following specialist advice – and after consulting the new owner who’d only had the dog for two days – it was agreed the dog could never be rehomed and was humanely destroyed.

“The pug which was attacked is continuing to recover from its injuries.”