Mansion worth £1.1million could be yours for just £5 as dream home is raffled off

An en-suite bathroom trumps luxuries like a home cinema or swimming pool when it comes to the ‘dream home’ wish list, researchers have found.

En-suites topped the list of what we would have in our ‘money-no-object home’, with walk in wardrobes coming in second.

Simply having more natural light was third on the list, followed by a summer house in the garden and a bigger kitchen.

Just one in three adults would opt for a swimming pool – indoors or outdoors – in their dream home.

And only 22 per cent would want it to come equipped with a state-of-the-art gym.

The research was commissioned by The Grand Draw, which is offering Brits the chance to win a £1.1 million mansion – Orleton House – in a raffle.

A spokesperson for The Grand Draw said: “Daydreaming about the perfect house is how millions of Brits while away a quiet hour.

“We were surprised that a lot of things that people would really like aren’t things you’d only find in a mega-mansion.

“It turns out that many people have fairly modest requirements for what they consider to be their dream property.”

Despite having low expectations, only 18 per cent of respondents believe they currently live in their ‘dream home’.

Another 64 per cent don’t think they’ll ever make it to dream home status, as 75 per cent blame a lack of money and 13 per cent simply don’t think they’d ever find the perfect property.

But three in 10 say fantasising about their dream home is one of their ‘go to’ daydreams, spending an average of 14 minutes a day imagining an upgraded living space.

Three quarters fear they’ll never be able to live in their perfect residence without a lottery win, according to the OnePoll research.

But if the unlikely did happen and Brits won big, 43 per cent would up sticks to a new area – while 35 per cent would stay in the same location, just in a better house.

The Grand Draw’s spokesperson added: “There’s a lot to be said for trying to make the best of what you have, and if you can do that, you may already be in your dream home.

“However, our competition means you could end up with a dream home for a lot less than the £2.7m Brits say they expect their dream house would cost.

“Tickets for the raffle are 10 for £5, and if £1.7m worth of entries have been bought by June 30th, the winner will become the proud new owner of Orleton House near Ludlow, Shropshire – and two charities, Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity and Beacon, will also split £100,000.”

What Brits want in their dream home

  1. An en-suite bathroom
  2. Walk-in wardrobes
  3. More natural light
  4. A summer house
  5. A bigger kitchen for baking/cooking
  6. A state-of-the-art kitchen
  7. A place in the countryside/further from the city
  8. More kitchen cupboard space for stocking up food
  9. Balcony
  10. A home within walking distance to local food shops
  11. More separate rooms for things such as a separate dining room and living room
  12. A huge patio/decking for BBQs
  13. Indoor/covered pool
  14. A bigger living space for indoor activities
  15. Numerous spare bedrooms
  16. Window seat
  17. Rooftop terrace
  18. A home closer to a park or green space
  19. A space for a massive TV
  20. Outdoor hot tub
  21. A home cinema space
  22. ‘Grounds’ rather than a garden
  23. A ‘cave’ or games room with pool tables, arcade machines and a bar
  24. Outdoor swimming pool
  25. A state-of-the-art gym
  26. Indoor Jacuzzi
  27. A built-in wine cooler/drinks fridge
  28. A place with kind neighbours
  29. A home mini-bar with beer taps or drinks fridge
  30. A house on a quiet street for children to play in safely